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ESC Reporter | January 20, 2018

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One song disqualified from Ukrainian Junior Eurovision final

One song disqualified from Ukrainian Junior Eurovision final
  • On August 10, 2015

With the Ukrainian Junior Eurovision final set to include 15 participating contestants, one has been announced as disqualified due to rule violations.

The entry “T.G.I.F – Thank God it’s Friday” by Alina Valuiska will no longer take part in the Ukrainian national selection.


In breach of official rules

According to NTU, the jury panel discovered that the music of the song had already been used in the song “So Bright feat. Eligh” by Pretty Lights, who are also behind Alina Valuiska’s song.

The rules set for the contest by NTU state that the songs cannot have been made public before May 1, 2015. But with the same music being used before, the song was in breach.

Further, the rules state that the performer should at least be co-owner of the rights to the song for the contest. NTU had been unable to obtain this information from the Alina Valuiska team, which added to the reasons for disqualification.


14 remaining participants

The national selection final for Ukraine now features 14 hopeful young artists, ready to represent the country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria on November 21.


The 14 contestants

  • Katriona Hannah (Kyiv)
  • Mariia Karogodska (Kyiv)
  • Nazarii Stinianskyi (Vinnytsia)
  • “Fresh” (band) (Ivano-Frankivsk)
  • Anna Trincher (Kyiv)
  • Anastsiia Tkachuk (Ivano-Frankivsk)
  • Sofiia Dobryvechir (Kyiv)
  • Alisa Panchuk (Kyiv)
  • Nina Boikova (Kyiv)
  • Show-band “VoiceLand” (Kyiv)
  • “Zabava”(band) (Kyiv)
  • Viktoriia Sviatogor (Kyiv)
  • Iaryna Taras – (Ivano-Frankivsk)
  • Sofiia Iaremova (Kyiv)


The Ukrainian final for Junior Eurovision 2015 airs on August 22, from the Olmeca Plage beach complex in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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