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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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Confirmed: Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw to host Eurovision 2016!

Confirmed: Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw to host Eurovision 2016!
Kevin Lee

It’s official! SVT has announced that Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw will co-host the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in May.

A few tabloids in Sweden had already reported on this before the weekend, but now we have a full confirmation.


Incredibly happy

Måns was quoted as saying, “I’m so incredibly happy to be part of the Eurovison Song Contest once more and to be doing it together with Petra Mede, whom I consider an outstanding host and also one of the most delightful people I know.”

Having won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 and participated in the Swedish preselection Melodifestivalen several times, Måns is no stranger to the format. Additionally, he has hosted several Swedish shows, including Melodifestivalen, and recently the sing-along show Allsång På Skansen for three years, giving him plenty of hosting experience.


One more time

Petra had some nice comments to say about being back and doing it with Måns, “It’s so incredible that I, once again, get the honor to be a part of the Eurovision Song Contest and doing this together with Måns Zelmerlöw, it’s a dream come true. He’s extremely professional so the one to be worried about is me, and what I’m going to wear. It’s like when I once dared to try a roller coaster for the first time and someone then – when I’m standing there euphoric of happiness – comes and tells me: ”You can go one more time, and this time together with a gorgeous guy!”

In 2013, Petra hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö all by herself, receiving rave reviews from fans and journalists. She returned to the contest in 2015, when she co-hosted Eurovision’s Greatest Hits with Graham Norton in London.


With Petra’s stage presence, glamorous outfits, and comedic gift, along with Måns’ charm, voice and personality, it is a safe bet that we can look forward to a very entertaining Eurovision 2016 and quite possibly some memorable interval acts.


Photo: Janne Danielsson / SVT

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