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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Poll #1: Which Big 5 country was best in 2014?

Poll #1: Which Big 5 country was best in 2014?
  • On August 24, 2014

Since 2011, five countries (called the “Big 5”) automatically qualify to the finals. These countries are France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and United Kingdom.

And this year, the Big 5 was colorful.


France with a crazy song about a moustache. Germany had a song that featured traditional instruments. Italy had a beautiful Roman lady and Spain featured fake rain onstage. Finally, United Kingdom was an ultra-favorite to win, but it failed in the voting.

This week, ESC Reporter asks you to vote for your favorite song among those presented. Link (in gray) in the end of the article. ☺

Together, we go to the past ! 



France: TWIN TWIN – “Moustache” (26th – last – in final with 2 points)

The strangest song of the contest and the first time that a song in final has only 2 points since the 1 point of Malta in 2006. A great studio version, but poor live, especially, horrible backing vocals… And the song is in French!



Germany: Elaiza – “Is It Right” (18th with 39 points)

A great English song from Germany with a good beat. Too bad that Ela, the lead singer, had a little problem with her voice… The music was good with traditional instruments. Maybe the song was a little bit underrated.



Italy: Emma – “La mia città” (21st with 33 points)

A good rock song with a beautiful Roman lady. The song was completely in Italian. Onstage, her singing wasn’t perfect at all, but she has earned the 12 points from Malta. Emma was mainly noticed due to her very short dress…



Spain: Ruth Lorenzo – “Dancing In The Rain” (10th with 74 points)

Ruth Lorenzo achieved the best result of the 2014’s Big 5 with a 12 points from Albania (jury voting). Ruth took part in X Factor UK where she has been ​​eliminated in the 8th week. But in Eurovision, she showed us her amazing voice, despite the false rain, very kitsch.



United Kingdom: Molly – “Children Of The Universe” (17th with 40 points)

When the song of Molly was revealed, most ESC fans made “Children Of The Universe” a favorite song. But, May 11, when the final voting was finished, the song ended up at the 17th place with only 40 points (only 8 points from Ireland). The fans were disappointed and Molly didn’t make any new appearances (new song, concert…) since this sad moment. But Molly did the best placement for UK since 2011 with Blue. Congratulations!

Now, all the songs were re-presented to you, so..

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