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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Poll #2: The worst Eurovision winner since 2005?

Poll #2: The worst Eurovision winner since 2005?

| On 06, Sep 2014

Now it’s time for you to once again voice your opinion!

We ask you, in the past 10 editions of the Eurovision Song Contest, which has been the worst winner?


  • 2005: A fresh pop song from Greece with a great rhythm in English.
  • 2006: A hard rock song from Finland, in English of course.
  • 2007: A calm ballad in the Serbian language, completely different from 2006’s song!
  • 2008: A powerful English ballad from Russia, with a violinist and… a man on ice!
  • 2009: A violinist (one more time) with an English song from Norway.  Alexander broke the record of amount of points for a winning song: 387!
  • 2010: The first victory for a country from the Big 5 in modern Eurovision, Germany, with a singer found from a TV show. Lena, with a song in English.
  • 2011: An English song, sang by an Azeri duet with weak voices, unfortunately. A very low score for a winner: 223!
  • 2012: Euphoooria! One of the winners that everyone knows. Sweden broke the record of the amount of 12 points given: 18!
  • 2013: a little bit of flute in the song of Emmelie De Forest from Denmark.
  • 2014: she received polemics after her victory. Conchita Wurst with a ballad in English for Austria!



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