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ESC Reporter | December 18, 2017

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Poll result: Which Eurovision 2015 songs are you still listening to?

Poll result: Which Eurovision 2015 songs are you still listening to?
  • On August 4, 2015

Last week, we wanted to find out which of the songs of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 you were still playing on a regular basis. Which entries are living beyond the contest?

Now, we have the results of the poll. Thank you for voting!


So which songs are you still listening to?

post eurovision 2015 poll result


“Goodbye to Yesterday” on top

As the poll result shows, the subtle and classy entry “Goodbye to Yesterday” from Estonia still lives on in your speakers, beating out the Eurovision 2015 winner from Sweden, “Heroes” as the most popular song two months after the contest.

Estonia was also a popular fan-favorite, placing third in the 2015 OGAE voting, behind Sweden. The OGAE and Eurovision televote winner, Italy, places in the lower end of the top, however.


The most popular non-qualifier

Of the non-qualifiers, The Netherlands’ Trijntje Oosterhuis and her song “Walk Along” is the highest placed, suggesting that it may indeed have been the strange camera work and unflattering outfit that killed her Grand Final dreams. Also placed quite high is Albania’s Elhaida Dani, who ended up in 17th place in the Grand Final. Here, “I’m Alive” places 9th.


The 0 points

The bottom of the field is mostly consistent with the less-popular songs of the contest. Ann Sophie of Germany, who received no points in the Grand Final, proves to be not quite forgotten yet, with her place in the middle. Her fellow 0 point earners from Austria are far lower though.

“This Time” from Lithuania and “One Thing I Should Have Done” from Cyprus both made it to the Grand Final, but apparently don’t receive much love from you after the contest. They did not get any votes.



Do you agree with the result?


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