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ESC Reporter | January 24, 2018

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Portuguese fans launch campaigns to participate in Eurovision

Portuguese fans launch campaigns to participate in Eurovision
Alvaro Sanabria


Portuguese fans don’t give up.

After RTP announced that Portugal will withdraw their participation from Eurovision, many fans have raised their voices through the social networks.  They haven’t resigned after the announcement and have launched a crowdfunding project to help RTP to cover the expenses of the Portugese participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

The objective of the organizers is to raise two hundred and fifty thousand euros (250,000 €) to help RTP to send a representative to the contest in Stockholm.  Nevertheless, the project is a long way from recollecting that amount of money.  If the goal is not reached, the project won’t be financed and the money will be returned to the donors.

Furthermore, fans haven’t stopped their efforts to see Portugal back at the Eurovision Song Contest with this.  According to, fans have decided to petition RTP’s Ombudsman to show their regret for the decision of the broadcaster and at the same time to demonstrate how important the show is for them.  There is currently a chain letter circulating in the social networks with the message.  The RTP’s Ombudsman can be addressed here: Send a message to the RTP’s Ombudsman.

The fans have even tried to make the Portuguese withdrawal political.  They have sent an open letter to the president of the Portuguese parliament that has been signed by almost 200 fans at the time.  “Is it acceptable that in Portugal there is not any television program that defends and promotes the  original music made in Portugal? Isn’t this the mission of public television? By not participating in the contest, RTP makes Portugal absent from the world’s biggest music program, being present more than forty other countries. Is it acceptable for Portugal not to be represented in a European event of this size?” reads the letter.

In spite of the response (if any), the Portuguese fans have tried to prove how much they want to have their country back to the Eurovision Song Contest.

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