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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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Tamar Kaprelian of Armenia's Genealogy releases new music video!

Tamar Kaprelian of Armenia’s Genealogy releases new music video!
Emma Kiernan

Earlier this month, Armenian-American Tamar Kaprelian was one of the six established artists who represented Armenia at Eurovision 2015. The group, Genealogy, qualified for the final with their song about Armenian genocide, “Face the Shadow.”

Genealogy ended up in sixteenth place in the Grand Final, receiving top marks from both Belgium and Russia.


Yours To Keep

Since Eurovision, Tamar has released a new EP and a single of the same name, “Yours to Keep.” The EP consists of five songs, including “Yours to Keep.” You can listen to Tamar’s new EP on Spotify, here. The music video for “Yours to Keep” can be viewed below.




Four countries collaborate

While Tamar was in Vienna, she recorded a single, an all-girl collaboration, with the representatives from three other countries. Elina Born from Estonia, Maria-Elena Kyriakou from Greece and Elhaida Dani from Albania all contributed to the single. We now know that this song, “The Other Side”, will be released sometime next week.


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Watch Genealogy’s performance at Eurovision 2015 below.


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