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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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Preview of the Second Semi-Final of Melodifestivalen 2017

Preview of the Second Semi-Final of Melodifestivalen 2017
Kevin Lee

Sweden's search for their Eurovision representative continues on tonight, night live from Malmö Arena, the host of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. We had the chance to see all the rehearsals leading up to the live broadcast, and here are some notes from them.

The Contestants

Mariette - A Million Years 

Mariette is back in 2017 with A Million Years. Always an eye for the visual presentation, Mariette comes to the stage clad all in white with four back up dancers on bungee cords. The dancers sprout out from a cloud of smoke as the song picks up. They are graceful as they move around the stage, giving a sense of lightness and calm which resonates with the song. They lyrics are of someone just truly, madly, deeply in love, and all the imagery just fits along and produces a strong entry into the second semi final. 

Roger Pontare - Himmel och hav

Two time Eurovision contestant Roger Pontare known for his folk pop based on his Sami roots starts the song in a very spiritual and mystic walk amongst fire torches. Himmel och hav is a powerful song that pulls you right in, as Roger sings and belts amongst fire. The veteran shines on the stage, and no doubt the expertise is shown. 

Etzia - Up

A deep and full voice that easily fills up the arena, Etzia comes up glammed in a sparkling body suit, surround by backing dancers in roller skates with her entry, Up. The dancers on skates do not seem to add depth to the song, but seems to serve as a fun factor. It is also apparent that this is Etzia's first time on the Mello stage , but she improves with every rehearsal that we have seen. Her potential and talent will only be going Up Up Up from here on out, the question is, is Sweden ready to vote for this fun reggae number?

Allyawan - Vart har du vart

The dark staging, flashy lighting, and quick camera cuts (think Oscar Zia's Human) really gives this Swedish hip hop number, Vart har du vart a boost from Allyawan. With creative use of a spinner stage in the middle, visually it is just right. However there can be a bit more improvement made when it comes to the vocal melody, but overall the song brings a different dynamic to the song contest.

Dismissed - Hearts Allign

Fierce and daring, Dismissed is definitely declaring war against the norm with Hearts Allign. With their flashy and alternative outfits, fashion walk staging, and all the hall marks of a rock anthem add to this fun, energetic number. The band hits their stride when they are on their instruments. The outfits are outrageous, the poses are to die for, and this is oh just so enjoyable to watch. This group is definitely not one to be Dismissed!

Lisa Ajax - I Don't Give A

Already causing controversy, but more so for what would happen if she went to Eurovision, Lisa Ajax has gotten great press leading up to the 2nd Semi Final on her choice of lyrics. However PR or not, even at the young age of 18, this Swedish Idol winner is a complete pro. Knowing how to perform to the cameras, this fun teen pop number is fucking great! A large screen displaying of a care free Lisa, and sining real life in a glittering crop top, everything just works for this song.

Benjamin Ingrosso - Good Lovin' 

Coming from MelFest family royalty, with his mother as Pernilla Wahlgren, and with Charlotte Perrilli formerly married to his uncle, there is a lot of pressure for Benjamin on his debut into the contest. Ingrosso breaks free as his own artist with Good Lovin'. A catchy soul pop track with just enough choreography to show some Michael Jackson influences. Although he has been in the media spotlight before, this is Benjamin's Melodifestivalen debut, and he nails it. He knows his charm factor and maxes out on this outstanding performance!


It is clear who the stage veterans are and who are new, and unlike last week, it will be the veterans who may sweep the top four spots to advance. In no particular order, Lisa Ajax, Mariette, and Benjamin Ingrosso should have no problem moving on, while the last spot may be up for grabs between Roger Pontare and Dismissed.

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