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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Recap of Day 3 of the first rehearsals of Eurovision 2016

Recap of Day 3 of the first rehearsals of Eurovision 2016
Eric Nocito

After the second half of the first semi-final performed their first rehearsals yesterday, the first half of the second semi-final had their chance on stage for the first time today.

Below are the photos and clips of the 10 countries who had their first rehearsals:



Justs opened the day of rehearsals with “Heartbeat,” and delivered three very solid and consistent performances, very much like the national final.




Michal also delivered three performances consistent with his national final appearance, and opted for a tank top for the last two run-throughs.




Rykka opened her song with smoke rising from the back of her dress and with blue hair. At the end of the third run, a firework curtain closed the performance.




Although camera work was a bit rough for the first run, the rehearsal quickly improved and Hovi delivered solid performances. He is joined on-stage by a performer in a ring, which lights up towards the end.




Was he going to be naked? That was the big question and the answer was yes and no. IVAN opens the performance with a video of himself naked with a wolf projected onto a screen wall, before he appears in a white outfit to perform the song with various projections of himself. The song ends with IVAN disappearing, with a baby projected onto the screen. He appeared rather nervous at first, but gained confidence by the third performance.



As animated as ever, Sanja gave three solid performances with her strong vocals. She is joined by dancers who act out the domestic violence theme of her song.




Ireland’s Nicky Byrne gave three consistent performances for his rehearsal. If you like the song, you’ll like the performance.




Kaliopi is a pro, so of course the performances of “Dona” were spot on. She is front and center of the act.





A very casual Donny Montell performed his song in a more relaxed version, until the third run brought the big jump and steam blasts.



Dami Im appeared atop a glittering pillar in front of an abstract skyline, wearing a glittery dress, before she started interacting with a hologram. The Australians understand Eurovision! Of course, the vocal delivery was spot-on, and Dami did quite a lot of ad-libbing towards the end of the song.




The first rehearsals of the second half of the second semi-final continue tomorrow, Thursday.


Photo: Anna Velikova / EBU

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