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ESC Reporter | January 16, 2018

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Recap of Day 4 of the first rehearsals of Eurovision 2016

Recap of Day 4 of the first rehearsals of Eurovision 2016
Eric Nocito

After the first half of the second semi-final performed their first rehearsals yesterday, the second half had their chance to rehearse today for the first time.

Below are the video clips of the eight countries that had their first rehearsals today:



ManuElla started off the first rehearsals today with a white dress. She performed well and ended with lots of pyro on the third run.




Poli came out in a futuristic outift with a black cape covering. The first run was a little hectic with the camera angles, but they improved by the second run. Poli had a ton of energy and improved with each run.




After a false initial run and then a short, abruptly-ending first actual run, the sound issues were rectified and the guys performed their song, pitchy at times. Nothing really changed from national final performance. The last run ended with pyro.




Jamala gave three solid runs in a black dress. The graphics in the background really help the song and performance flow visually. The singing was spot-on.




Agnete wore the same outfit as the national final. As each run went through, Agnete sang better and better.




The Georgian song was executed very well vocally. The camera effect is like a kaleidoscope for the song, which makes it more interesting. The final run featured heavy pyrotechnic effects.



Eneda appeared alone onstage and delivered three consistent performances.



Laura came out and performed perfect choreography each time. This will be a good closing song of the semi-final since it is full of energy and dancing.



Photo: Andres Putting / EBU

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