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ESC Reporter | January 16, 2018

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Recap of the first dress rehearsal of the Grand Final of Eurovision 2016!

Recap of the first dress rehearsal of the Grand Final of Eurovision 2016!
  • On May 13, 2016

The first dress rehearsal of the Grand Final took place today at approximately 14:30 CET in Globen, Stockholm. This was the first time that the entire show was run from start to end, without breaks.

Host broadcaster SVT got to rehearse the opening and interval acts, as well as the new voting system implemented this year.


The opening

The show opens as a futuristic fashion show/party, with video of the countries and production team getting ready, similar to a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and the 2016 theme and other Swedish house music playing as the countries enter the stage. They are joined by models wearing couture fashion and the flags of the respective entering countries are projected onto them.

Måns and Petra enter the stage while Swedish House Mafia is playing and welcome the audience.



The 26 performances

The show runs through all 26 countries with few issues, only an improvised break is needed between Sweden and Germany, as Germany’s stage setup takes longer than the 40 seconds given by the postcards.

> Watch all 26 performances on Youtube!


The interval acts

Following the 26 performances of the countries, the many Swedish interval acts begin. The first is a video showcasing the many success of the Swedish music industry, from ABBA to today. This is then followed by the introduction by Petra to Justin Timberlake. He was not present, but will be at the jury show.

The final recap of the songs is then shown and Destiny Chukunyere, the winner of Junior Eurovision 2015, shows up with Måns to plug Junior Eurovision, which returns to Malta this year.

Petra comments how the Eurovision stage showcases many new talents, and begins singing. Her off-key tune is interrupted by Måns, however.



This is then followed by the next interval act, “Love Love Peace Peace,” performed by Petra and Måns, about the perfect formula for a Eurovision winner. It features cameos by Alexander Rybak and Lordi, among others.



Sarah Dawn Finer shows up as Lynda Woodruff, in her first live appearance. The third part of the documentary Nerd Nation is then shown.



The countdown for the closing of the voting begins, which is followed by a performance by Måns of his new single “Fire in the Rain.” He enters the stage on a hoverboard, followed by his dancers, also on hoverboards. The performance had to be restarted right before kicking into “Heroes” though, as Måns’ jacket got caught on a wire.



Finally, it becomes time to practice the voting results for the first time in the new format. Petra and Måns call the spokespersons around Europe for the jury votes, in the rehearsal with a stand-in. All points but 12 are displayed, before the spokesperson then announces the country’s douze point. The voting had to be stopped several times for clarification for Petra.

Following the jury vote, the televote is announced by Måns and Petra announcing the countries receiving the 26th to 16th least points in a rather fast manner. From here, the tension is built by announcing the top 10 slower and slower.

Armenia won the voting of the dress rehearsal, after the United Kingdom, which got the lowest jury points, received the top televote.


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