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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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Recap of the first dress rehearsal of the Grand Final

Recap of the first dress rehearsal of the Grand Final
Eric Nocito

Videos and gallery below.

At 14:00 CET today, the first dress rehearsal of the Grand Final took place.

This was the first time that the whole show was run through, and complete with a live audience.



Slight changes to performances

Elaiza from Germany had a different background, mainly with lyrics from their song on parchment paper, instead of the circus tents from before. (Gallery below)

It was not clear if it was on purpose, but Maria from Ukraine did not fall into the arms of her dancer at the end of the song, but instead just ended by the two standing next to each other.

For the climax of the Danish song, a banner with the Danish flag had dropped during the national final. This was changed to a banner with the word “love” and a massive picture of Basim for the rehearsal, but at today’s rehearsal, this had been changed yet again. Now, the banner simply says “love” written inside a heart. (Gallery below). This could be because of a negative backlash that came from the fans and press over the odd choice of printing a huge portrait Basim.


Interval acts

The interval act right before the announcement of the qualifiers was part of the #JoinUs theme. Previously, DR and EBU asked people throughout Europe to send suggestions on what could be the interval act at Eurovision Act. Thomas Mayer from Germany won this competition and suggested Eurovision at what the future looks like for the contest.

The interval started with a futuristic video of Pilou at Eurovision 2075, stating that they had new concept called “Eurovision Showdown.” They featured four competitors from countries France, Brazil, Norway, and South Africa and they sang their entries at the same time. It eventually turned into a theater production where the singers/dancers sang on top of lit-up ladders.

Before the votes were announced, Emmelie de Forest came onstage for a quick rendition of her winning entry “Only Teardrops,” before going into the Eurovision 2014 theme song, “Rainmaker.” During the song, Emmelie was joined onstage by all the finalists, who joined in singing. (Video below)


Few Problems

The opening of the Grand Final was an Olympic-style opening, where each country was introduced to the stage in English, French, and their local language, in the order of the show. Greece came out when Poland was announced, so it was redone and worked out in the second run.

The beginning of the future themed interval act was interrupted early on in the video, and needed to be started over for unknown reasons.

The voting was really rough and needs to rehearsed more. The hosts had no idea where to speak, when, or how, causing confusing with every single call.





Opening of the Grand Final




Interval act with Emmelie de Forest and “Rainmaker”






The Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest airs Saturday, May 10, live from Copenhagen.


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