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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Record-breaking amount of songs submitted for Danish selection

Record-breaking amount of songs submitted for Danish selection
  • On September 8, 2015

After opening up for song submissions back in July, the interest in next year’s Danish national selection Melodi Grand Prix 2016 has exceeded all expectations of Danish broadcaster DR.

At the time when submissions ended, 982 contributions had been received.


Breaks the 2014 record

Previously, the record was held by the year 2014, when Denmark hosting the Eurovision Song Contest sparked a big interest getting to represent the country on home soil. Then, 872 songs were received.

But now the record has been broken again, and head of entertainment at DR, Jan Lagermand Lundme, is naturally excited. “It’s wonderful to feel the big interest this year. Melodi Grand Prix would be nothing without skilled songwriters and composers, it’s amazing that a record amount want to join this year,” he said to


We are serious

As to why 2016 breaks the record, the head of entertainment believes it might be the addition of music producer Cutfather as head of the song selection jury. “With Cutfather running things, we show that we are serious about the songs we want on the show, which might have tempted more good songwriters to join.”

Jan Lagermand Lundme comments that the quality of the songs he has listened to so far show an increase in quality, compared to previous years, with great potential. In spite of the mess that hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 created for the broadcaster and city of Copenhagen, he still hopes that the selection will uncover the song that will lead Denmark to victory in Stockholm.


The recipe for a Eurovision winner

Cutfather has also made a little video on the DR website, where he shares what he thinks the perfect song to win Eurovision contains.

On his board, Cutfather underlines that Eurovision above all is a show, and that the song needs a catchy and attention grabbing intro. He further adds confetti and emotions. The verses need to be short, to get to the chorus faster, which needs to be very catchy. The song also needs a big break of change, to make it really stand out. He mentions the classic key change, which is a bit of a cop out in his opinion. Finally, the song needs to end with a bang of either sound or effects.


Melodi Grand Prix 2016 airs live from Horsens next year on February 13.

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