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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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The record of a "Survivor"

The record of a “Survivor”
George Dalakouras

Although Helela Paparizou landed only fourth in Melodifestivalen 2014 with “Survivor,” the song has become extremely successful!

Her single has become gold in Sweden and this is just the beginning! “Survivor” has already met huge success in Greece. However, the success story of it isn’t done yet!



The song has reached over than 4.000.000 streams on Spotify! It is considered to be the most successful song by Helena Paparizou. Even “My Number One” has less streams than “Survivor” (about 2.000.000 streamings difference!!).

The amount of streams for a Greek song is about 40.000, in general. Helena Paparizou, and especially “Survivor”, has broken every previous record!

Congrats “Survivor”!



  • Alex

    Survivor was never released in Greece so it wasn’t a hit.
    Plus, it is unfair to compare Survivor with Mu Number One because My Number One was released 10 years ago when there was no Spotify or even digital downloads.

    • George Dalakouras

      Hello Alex. Thank you for your comment. Firstly, in the article there is no comment about the release of the single in GREECE. We have just mentoned about SWEDEN. In addition, her album “One Life” is popular in Greece and almost everyone knows about it and of course about “Survivor”. The fact that it is aired on Greek radio shows can be an evidence of its success story. Another evidence is that many people love it. The comparison with “My number one” is just mentioned because both of the songs have a connection with Eurovision and “My number one” is a winning entry.
      The writer of the article!

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