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ESC Reporter | January 16, 2018

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Rehearsal schedule released

Rehearsal schedule released
Eric Nocito

With less than four weeks before the rehearsals officially begin at B&W Hallerne, the official schedule has been released.

Due to the early dates of Eurovision this year, special adjustments were made for May 1, which is International Workers’ Day.


First Rehearsals

The first day of rehearsals are set to begin on Monday, April 28 with the first rehearsals of the participants of Semi-Final 1. The rehearsals will progress in the running order as usual. The first rehearsals will continue the next two days. Tuesday, April 29 will feature the rehearsals of the remaining countries from Semi-Final 1 and the first countries of Semi-Final 2. Wednesday, April 30 will consist of the remaining second semi-final artists.

All first rehearsals will be followed by a press meet & greet.

Due to May 1 being International Workers’ Day, there will be no rehearsals on Thursday.


Second Rehearsals

Friday, May 2 will feature a welcome press conference from the EBU and host broadcaster DR. Upon its conclusion, the second rehearsals of the countries from Semi-Final 1 will progress, followed by a press conference after. Saturday, May 3 will feature second rehearsals and press conferences from the Semi-Final 2 participants.

Sunday, May 4 will see the official start of Eurovision week. Starting the day will be a press conference with hosts of Eurovision 2014. Upon its completion, the first rehearsals for the Big 5 countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy) and host country Denmark will commence, followed by their respective press meet & greets.

Sunday evening will feature the Welcome Reception, consisting of the Red Carpet, Opening Ceremony, and the opening of the Euroclub.



Dress rehearsals 1 and 2 of Semi-Final 1 will take place on Monday, May 5. The second rehearsals and press conferences of the Big 5 and Denmark will take place on Tuesday, May 6, followed by the third dress rehearsal and the live broadcast of Semi-Final 1. After Semi-Final 1, a qualifiers’ press conference will take place.

The dress rehearsals for Semi-Final 2 will follow the same pattern with the first and second on Wednesday, May 7, and the third and live broadcast of Semi-Final 2 on Thursday, May 8. Like Semi-Final 1, a qualifiers’ press conference will take place upon its conclusion.


Grand Final

When all the qualifiers for the final are known and the running order is revealed, the first dress rehearsal of the Grand Final will take place in the afternoon of Friday, May 9, followed by the second rehearsal in the evening.

Also, the Big 5 (UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany) and host Denmark will host an additional press conference between the first and second dress rehearsals. Also, there will be a press conference regarding the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

The final chance for the countries to rehearse will come in the afternoon of Saturday, May 10, with the third dress rehearsal. The live broadcast of the Grand Final will then take place that night, followed by the winner’s press conference.


Special Conditions

All first dress rehearsals will be open to accredited press and fans only. Dress rehearsals 2 will be the chance for the jury to watch and vote, and the third will be the “Family” show.

All first individual rehearsals are closed to all press and fans, and must be followed at the Press Center.


Click here to see the rehearsal schedule!







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