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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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First rehearsals, part 1: Moldova, Armenia, Belgium, Netherlands

First rehearsals, part 1: Moldova, Armenia, Belgium, Netherlands
Emma Kiernan

Today, rehearsals for the 60th Eurovision Song Contest were in full swing at Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna. Eight countries got their first feel of the stage, giving a preview of what’s to come.

Below you will find short videoclips of today’s first five performances.



Ukrainian Eduard Romanyuta was the first to take to the stage. Performing for Moldova, Eduard will be accompanied on stage by three dancers and two backing singers, all dressed in police uniforms. The LEDs behind Eduard are red and show a skyline and a helicopter landing pad. All aspects of the performance are reminiscent of the music video for “I Want Your Love”.





Armenia’s supergroup, Genealogy were next to rehearse. The Armenian staging is based around the colour purple. The stage lights are purple and the girls of the group, Stephanie, Mary-Jean, Tamar and Inga are all dressed in purple dresses and purple capes. Genealogy’s vocals are as strong as expected, coming from a group of established artists.





Loïc rehearses the same complex choreography we recently saw him perform on La Voice Belqique. Dressed all in black, Loïc is accompanied by five backing singers/dancers wearing all white. The LED background is in black and white, similar to the video of “Rhythm Inside”. Loïc’s vocals are flawless at this first rehearsal.





Trijntje stands in one spot on the stage and delivers great vocals. This simple staging is a welcome contrast to some of the other performances in this year’s contest. Trijntje wears a low cut, tight fitting black dress and a black net headpiece.



Stay tuned for more rehearsals in part two!

Photo: Thomas Hanses / EBU


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