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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Report from the Insignia Exchange and Allocation Draw ceremony

Report from the Insignia Exchange and Allocation Draw ceremony
  • On January 20, 2014

Gallery below.

The very first official event of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 took place today, at the Copenhagen City Hall.

The ceremony consisted of the Insignia Exchange and the allocation draw.



Copenhagen officially becomes Eurovision host city

A little delayed, our host Tine Gøtzsche welcomed the audience to the first part of the ceremony, the Insignia Exchange. The video below of Kent Andersson, head of the Malmö municipal council, traveling from Malmö to Copenhagen in his electric car was shown. Malmö may be close, but he had to stop underway to recharge:




After the video, Kent Andersson entered the room and presented the keys to Copenhagen mayor, Frank Jensen. The Copenhagen mayor was then given the opportunity to speak, promising the EBU a fantastic Eurovision and called Copenhagen an open and tolerant place. He then proceded to present the Eurovision Fan Mile:



The video did not reveal anything new about the Fan Mile, except confirming that Eurovision Village will be placed in the middle of the shopping street Strøget, at Gammeltorv.


Next up was the head of the Capital Region, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, who tried to win over the skeptics by highlighting the economical benefits that the contest can give to the region. She ensured that they are ready to welcome guests to an exciting Capital Region, but no specifics were revealed.

The head of the host broadcaster DR, Marie Rørbye Rønn, then got to speak. She complimented the job that Swedish broadcaster SVT did last year, and joked that “it has become tradition for the Danes to take over from the Swedes when it comes to Eurovision.” Everything is underway and she ensured, “We are working around the clock to make the best shows possible.”


The countdown begins

Finally, the Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand took the stage. He joked that, “The last time I was in Copenhagen for Eurovision, I was the head of delegation for Norway, and we came last.”

He got to push a big button on the podium, which started the clock on the countdown gate outside at City Hall Square, with 104 days to go. As the first Semi-Final is 106 days away, it must count down to the start of Eurovision Week.


The countries are drawn

For the draw itself, DR sports presenter Ulla Essendrop assisted with drawing semi-finals and semi-final half placements, while Tine drew the countries. Before it all started, they struggled through the myriad of rules, procedures, and exceptions, but stayed on top.

The next 25 minutes saw the countries being drawn into semi-finals, supervised by Jon Ola Sand, Eurovision executive producer Pernille Gaardbo, and voting supervisor of EBU voting partner Digame Thomas Niedermeyer.

The conclusion of the draw marked the ending of the ceremony.


Most likely the 2014 theme music

At the beginning and end of the webcast, a music theme could be heard. This is the same music that was used in the trailer with Emmelie de Forest, urging people to send in Eurovision ideas, and is most likely what we will hear in May. The theme is string-laden and ends in 3 beats at the break. Last year, SVT used the clubby Adam Kafe track “Wolverine” for their shows.




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