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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Report from the second Semi-Final and the winners' press conference

Report from the second Semi-Final and the winners’ press conference

| On 09, May 2014

The second semi-final went on with mostly flawless performances. It was a smooth show with a lot of enthusiasm.


Rough start for Greece

In the beginning of Greece’s performance, RiskyKidd omitted some of the lyrics. To the average television viewer, it may have not been noticeable, but to the press, it certainly was.


Massive cheers for Austria

Before, during, and after, Conchita Wurst’s performance, the crowd went wild by cheering loudly. When Austria’s song came on in the recap, the crowd went wild again. Even when hostess Lise Rønne briefly interviewed Conchita from the greenroom, the crowd chanted and screamed loudly, making it difficult to hear what was being said.


Fan favorite fail

Another semi-final, another surprise. Israel ended high in the OGAE results, and was very high in the press center voting. The bookmakers had her at around 12th overall, almost guaranteeing a qualification. Mei Finegold gave an amazing performance and sang her heart out, but it obviously wasn’t enough. It is not clear yet if it was the jury or the televote that brought her points down.



>Click here to watch the show again!


The winners’ press conference

Assuming that DR underestimated the press conferences, they limited the amount of people to go to the qualifiers’ press conference to 500. Clueless security staff haphazardly counted each person before they entered the area, but gave up eventually.

After the press conference began, Ulla Essendrop and Abdel Aziz Mahmoud asked for questions from the local and international press for each artist.

Tinkara Kovač appealed to the EBU, “If the main vocalist plays an instrument, please allow them to play that instrument live onstage!”

Josefin Winther, writer of the song of Norway and Carl Espen, said about her song, “It felt like a crazy idea back in August. Since then, there has been surprise after surprise. I’m so proud of Carl Espen. It makes me so happy.”

Conchita Wurst said, “I saw other countries that were left when I hadn’t been called yet. Israel was so stunning. I said ‘Please, please’ and i got it!”


After each country had their chance to speak, they drew which half of the final that they will perform in. Here are the results:

  • Switzerland – Second Half
  • Slovenia – Second Half
  • Poland – First Half
  • Romania – First Half
  • Norway – First Half
  • Greece – First Half
  • Malta – Second Half
  • Belarus – First Half
  • Finland – Second Half
  • Austria – First Half






>Click here to watch the qualifiers’ press conference!



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