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ESC Reporter | January 16, 2018

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Report from Jamala's Eurovision 2016 winner's press conference

Report from Jamala’s Eurovision 2016 winner’s press conference

| On 15, May 2016

After weeks of rehearsals and two semi-finals, it was Jamala from Ukraine who stole the show and won the entire contest. Her song “1944″ gained a massive total of 534 points, in front of Australia’s 511 and Russia’s 491.


Jamala’s first reaction on stage

Kevin Lee caught Jamala as one of the very first, after she had accepted her Eurovision trophy!



The press conference

Following her victory in Globen, Jamala had her winner’s press conference in the Hovet arena next door, at 1:30 in the morning. She of course entered the press conference room very excited, dancing up and down and showing off her new Eurovision trophy.

Among other questions, Jamala was asked if she had a message to the Ukrainian community in Australia by an Australian reporter. In Ukrainian, she replied that Australia was represented very well by Dami Im and received the highest points from Jamala.

The Eurovision winner was also asked what she would say to her Crimean Tartar great grandmother, which the song is about. She answered that she would have preferred that the song didn’t need to exist, if the terrible things had not happened.

There was also word of a new upcoming album coming “quite soon.” Jamala then proceeded to sing a little bit from a new song that she had just created, inspired by the Eurovision slogan “Come Together.”

A question about the LGBT community in Ukraine was asked, highlighting that Ukraine is 44 out of 49 in Europe when it comes to LGBT rights. Would visitors be able to feel safe? Jamala responded very briefly “yes, of course.”

The questions were then followed by the traditional hosting package handover, where Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand presented a representative from NTU with a set of tips and guidelines for setting up next year’s contest. He underlined that time could not be wasted and that work must start now.



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