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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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Report from the winners' press conference of semi-final 1

Report from the winners’ press conference of semi-final 1
  • On May 11, 2016

Following the end of the first semi-final last night, the 10 winning countries participated in their joint press conference in the Eurovision press center.

After answering questions, each participated drew a spot in either the first or second half of the Grand Final on Saturday.


Some eyebrow-raising moments

Thought most of the questions were of the “how did you feel” kind, a few did raise some eyebrows.

Sergey, the Russian representative, was asked yet another question about gay life in Russia and its hostility towards the LGBT community. Sergey repeated his previous comments: You have to come experience Russia for yourself. He claimed that the gay night life in Moscow is thriving, “you can google it,” and that with a hypothetical win, his country would welcome everyone.

After the Armenian representative Iveta had displayed the flag of the disputed region Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan, she was asked to explain. She elaborated that as a representative of Armenia, she must do her best to represent her motherland. It got awkward when a journalist made a long statement about the region instead of asking a question, forcing the moderator to shut him down.



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