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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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Report from the winners' press conference of semi-final 2

Report from the winners’ press conference of semi-final 2
  • On May 13, 2016

After the conclusion of the second semi-final at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, the 10 winners’ joined in the press conference room at the press center for their press conference.

The 10 countries also drew their places in the Grand Final halves.


Moments from the press conference

Laura from Belgium was requested to show her dance moves, and she happily got up and showed off her skills.

Nika from Georgia appeared very surprised to be at the winners’ press conference and shared very few words.

When Jamala from Ukraine was on the spot, a Ukrainian journalist showered her in gifts from Ukraine, even a traditional head dress that she put on.

Poli from Bulgaria got to show off her new tattoo, shown being created in her postcard, when she was asked what it meant. It depicts the dandelion from the Junior Eurovision 2015 logo, in the colors of the Bulgarian flag. Of course, this year’s Eurovision logo is also a dandelion.

A very excited Sanja and Hovi showed off their new friendship, hugging and joking together.



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