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ESC Reporter | January 23, 2018

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Results of the 2015 Eurovision allocation draw!

Results of the 2015 Eurovision allocation draw!
  • On January 26, 2015

Minutes ago, the 2015 Eurovision allocation draw concluded live from Vienna, hosted by Andi Knoll and Katti Bellowitsch.

33 countries were split into semi-final halves, while the Grand Final qualifiers were given semi-finals to vote in.


Germany had already requested to air and vote in semi-final 2, which was approved by the EBU.


Big 5 + Austria result:

Germany: Semi-Final 2

Spain: Semi-Final 1

Austria: Semi-Final 1

Italy: Semi-Final 2

France: Semi-Final 1

United Kingdom: Semi-Final 2


For the semi-finals, 16 countries are to perform in the first semi-final, while 17 will perform in the second semi-final.


The semi-final draw result:

allocation draw result


The exact running order of the countries will be determined by ORF at a later date.


The allocation draw also gave a preview of some of the graphics for this year’s contest, as well what is probably this year’s theme music.

You can watch the allocation draw again right here!


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