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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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RTS reveals their Swiss candidates

RTS reveals their Swiss candidates
  • On November 7, 2014

The candidates from RTS, the French-language Swiss broadcaster, have been revealed! The list is comprised of 26 artists, but only two will go on to the national final on January 31.



  1. Matthieu Blanchette  Bring back the moon
  2. CeliaLetter to myself
  3. Licia Chery Fly
  4. ClaudiaCan’t you let me go
  5. Electrum&ElisirMy muse
  6. Michael JamesBoom!
  7. JyaleenSay hello
  8. Gisel de Marco Teasing you
  9. Emannuel LemanSilence
  10. Lorenzo MarraLife is about moments
  11. Ricky NovakUn drôle de rêve
  12. Angie OttLibre comme l’air
  13. Mélanie RenéTime to shine
  14. SajadiAprès la pluie
  15. SajadiDis-moi quand
  16. Shana P.Kevlar heart
  17. Veronica SinghSparks of sun
  18. SosofluoWedding rain
  19. Taken By StormMoonlight
  20. ToscaWater in the desert
  21. Roman Veda et Dan Sign SingSigne-moi
  22. Zéphyr ComboAvide du soleil
  23. AlenkoMême si tout s’en va
  24. Anach CuanHurdy gurdy girls
  25. AscomusicLe monde d’après
  26. BastounLe jour se lève

The final will be broadcast live from Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen on January 31.

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