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ESC Reporter | January 20, 2018

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Ruslana steals the show at Romania's final

Ruslana steals the show at Romania’s final
Emma Kiernan

Romania’s national final took place tonight in Craiova and Ukrainian winner of Eurovision 2004, Ruslana, was invited to perform as tonight’s interval act.

Eleven years after her win in Istanbul and still as energetic as ever, she opened with her winning song “Wild Dances” to which she added a verse in Romanian for the benefit of her audience.


Ruslana got the crowd clapping along with her to “Arkan” and even howling along to “Dance with Wolves,” the song she performed at the opening of Eurovision 2005 in Kyiv. After an energetic performance of “Play, Musician,” where Ruslana ran through the audience and danced with the crowd, she took a break from performing to speak. She spoke about International Women’s day and how happy she was to be performing at Selecția Națională.

“Every man, every boy know that today is really amazing day because of women. I am happy in Romania, I am happy because of Eurovision and I am happy because of TVR invite me.”

She then wanted to speak about her home country Ukraine. “You have to understand my next statement. It’s just twenty or thirty seconds, but it’s about Ukraine. Ukraine.”, she said. The audience quickly responded in a flurry of cheers. Ruslana became visibly emotional by the audience’s reaction and support for Ukraine.


The camera immediately cut to the presenters, who proceeded to speak over Ruslana and over an audience that could be heard chanting Ruslana’s name. Ruslana soon overpowered them and the camera was back on her. “Ukraine is a country of strong character. We are fighting for light to save Ukraine, to save Europe, to save the world,” she continued. “Please guys switch on your flashlights to show to everybody, as a symbol of power.”


She then closed her set with “This Is Euphoria,” holding a flashlight. The audience was also seen to have switched the flashlights on on their phones in support of Ruslana.


In what was a great national final for Romania, Ruslana still managed to steal tonight’s show and put Ukraine back under the spotlight.


Watch Ruslana’s performance here!


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