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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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Russia may skip Eurovision 2017 after Ukrainian win

Russia may skip Eurovision 2017 after Ukrainian win
  • On May 20, 2016

After Ukraine’s winning song of Eurovision 2016, as Jamala and her country are in big celebrations, in Russia there are many controversies as one can imagine.



Threat to withdraw

A Russian senator suggests that his country skips next year’s competition which is going to be held in Ukraine.

“It was not the Ukrainian singer Jamala and her song “1944” that won the Eurovision 2016, it was the politics that beat the art,” said Russian senator Frants Klinsevich to Russian media according to ABC News. He went on to speculate that there is a huge risk that Russia will not be taking part in next year’s show.


Crimean crisis continues

“1944,” the song name of Jamala causes many Russians to react negatively as they said that the ballad was all against them. Jamala, on the other end, said that she wrote the song to honour her great-grandmother’s story of the Crimean Tatars being deported by the Soviet Union, during the second World War.

Also, the fact that Moscow annexed Crimea in 2014, created an ongoing feud among the states. Jamala’s recent victory further ignited that battle, with many comments on social media.

Jamala is comes from a Crimean descent and her great-grandmother was one of those who were deported in 1944. She clarified that her song was inspired by the memory of her Crimean family and others, which were also deported by Josef Stalin. Some said that her number was also to attack Vladimir Putin, current Russian president, who ordered the military push into Crimea in February 2014.

After her victory, Jamala told to the reporters, that she would prefer that all the terrible things did not happen to her great-grandmother, and she would even prefer that this song did not exist.

The song “1944” does not mention Russia or its borders.


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