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ESC Reporter | January 17, 2018

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Russian Eurovision 2016 jury under investigation following breach

Russian Eurovision 2016 jury under investigation following breach

| On 10, May 2016

Immediately following the conclusion of the jury show of the first semi-final of Eurovision 2016, it had become evident that a problem was arising with one of the semi-final’s voting countries’ juries:  Russia.


Periscoping the jury show

One of the jurors, Russian singer and actress, Anastasiya Stotskaya, had live-streamed portions of the Russian jury’s viewing room during the show. The live broadcast had taken place on Periscope and, in fact, shows Stotskaya filming her jury ballot multiple times.

The news original came from a tweet from Poplight,se found here:



No influence to be made on jurors

The jury rules for Eurovision state that a juror cannot be influenced by others, whether other jurors or elsewhere, and the video clearly showed Stotskaya interacted with other jurors regarding Armenia’s and The Netherlands’ performances. Also, many comments from viewers were written on the Periscope in Russian telling Stotskaya how to vote.

The EBU has responded to that they will make a decision today regarding this matter and disclose the information Tuesday afternoon.

The Periscope broadcast in question had seen over 3,000 viewers before its removal. The link to the broadcast can be found here.


With such a blatant violation of the jury rules, will the EBU penalize Russia? Will they use 100% televote? Will the jurors be replaced for other shows?

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