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ESC Reporter | January 16, 2018

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Russian TV censored Conchita from Eurovision broadcast

Russian TV censored Conchita from Eurovision broadcast
Iain Cameron

A Finnish newspaper, Ilta-Sanomat, has reported that Russian TV edited Conchita Wurst out of the Eurovision Grand Final broadcast, by showing the crowd in a television studio in Moscow instead.

It has been independently confirmed by ESC Reporter that Russian TV had in fact cut away from Conchita Wurst’s performance during the interval act, instead cutting to the Russian commentators’ booth and then the set of a television program hosted by Andrey Malakhov.

The percussion interval beforehand and the voting in entirety were shown as well, leaving Conchita’s time as being the focus of the censorship.

Russian television showed no advertisements during this time, which was the fuel of a claim made by those denying such censorship, stating that the time cut from Conchita was to show commerical advertisements.


A German journalist in Moscow, Bernd Grossheim, tweeted the above suggesting that Russia still vehemently oppose Conchita and the trans community – even in the form of a TV broadcast. Russia’s banning of homosexual advocacy to minors and its invasion of Ukraine has been a source of international outrage, especially in Western Europe.

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