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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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San Marino: Listen to "I didn't know" for Eurovision 2016!

San Marino: Listen to “I didn’t know” for Eurovision 2016!
Emma Kiernan

San Marino’s representative for Eurovision 2016, Serhat, has debuted his song for Stockholm at a press conference at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental in Paris.

The song is called “I Didn’t Know” and is the result of a collaboration of a team from all over Europe.

“Serhat, is not only a multi talented artist who I deeply respect and admire.Serhat is like a brother to me…The brother who I didn’t have the chance to have in my life. Serhat has proved, in every possible and impossible way that he is here for me, no matter what…The lyrics of the song are talking about a flourishing love…A love that grows first into our imagination and without our knowledge or permission can become a love that consumes our whole being,”  said the lyricist of the song, Nektarios Tyrakis from Greece.

Listen to “I Didn’t Know” below!


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