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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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San Marino's Michele Perniola comments on controversial tweets!

San Marino’s Michele Perniola comments on controversial tweets!
Emma Kiernan

On the evening of the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, on May 21, Måns Zelmerlöw took to the stage to perform what would become the winning song of Eurovision 2015 for Sweden; “Heroes.”

Backstage, San Marino’s representative, Michele Perniola, took to twitter to express his thoughts on the Swedish entry.


Lovers on the Sun

In the green room, Michele Perniola tweeted the tweet below, comparing the song to a 2014 song by French artist David Guetta, “Lovers on the Sun,” like many had leading up to the contest.




After this tweet, Michele received many replies in support of Måns, and also, replies in agreement with Michele’s opinions, including one from Michele’s duet partner, Anita Simoncini.



Michele then tweeted again to state that his comments were just a joke.




“We’ve had this discussion earlier”

Later that evening at the semi final two qualifiers press conference, Måns was asked of his opinion on the matter.

“We’ve had this discussion earlier and I don’t think that they are alike.. Maybe the build-ups are alike, but I think when it comes to… if you analyse the tones, I don’t think there are two tones following each other that are the same actually, so I can’t see how it could be plagiarism then, but I’m sorry [Michele] feels that way”, answered Måns.

Furthermore, on the night of the grand final of Eurovision 2015, when Måns was declared the winner, Michele tweeted again, jokingly congratulating David Guetta on ‘his Eurovision win’.



“A little truth in it”

Now, nearly two weeks after the final has concluded, Michele maintains that his tweets were just jokes, although he does believe that their is a similarity between “Heroes” and “Lovers on the Sun”.

“I just did it for fun but there’s also a little truth in it. This is all I have to say about it”, Michele told ESC Reporter.


Michele represented San Marino at Eurovision 2015 together win Anita Simoncini and their song “Chain of Lights”. The duo failed to make it to the final, finishing in 16th place in semi-final two with 11 points.


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