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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Seating plan, ticket prices and more details for 2014 revealed!

Seating plan, ticket prices and more details for 2014 revealed!
  • On November 27, 2013

As we move closer to the release of the first batch of tickets this Friday, more details have been released about next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark. The video above takes you on a tour of Eurovision Island with Jan Lagermand Lundme, the 2014 Head of Show.


Eurovision Island layout changes


The initial plan for Eurovision Island that was submitted by the city of Copenhagen in the host city bidding phase has been changed. One of the biggest changes is the move of the press center. It was originally proposed to be located in one of the many industrial buildings on-site, but DR probably has enough renovations on their hands. Now, the plan is to erect a massive tent next to the B&W Halls. It will be so large that a wall of dirt will have to be dug into to make space.

The audience entrance will be located at the far-end of the large halls and will be made inviting with an entrance hall.

The stage itself will be placed at the end of a horseshoe of audience ramps that will be constructed inside the large halls. Thus, it will not be an actual center stage as was first speculated, but will be a semi-island similar to what was seen in Düsseldorf in 2011. It will be facing into the smaller hall and not down the length of the large hall. This creates an almost square venue.

Directly at the back of the stage, large doors will be installed to allow access to a backstage area next to the venue. Additionally, a VIP area will be created.

The massive, 60 meter tall walls of the main hall are begging to be covered in branding and Lundme confirms that the Eurovision logo will adorn the building.


Prices from €13-241

DR estimates a total audience capacity of 10,000, but the number is not yet final as stage design and camera placements will affect the final number. The venue layout and pricing have been released by DR, revealing the horseshoe shape and standing area:

Floor plan March


The illustration above shows where the first batch of tickets available for purchase are located. It is mainly the back-left side of the stage and a section of the floor for standing. On a more humorous note, DR has named the audience ramps after past nordic Eurovision winners.

Ticket prices range from 13 to 241 euros. Below is all of the available ticket options.

Ticket prices table

It is this Friday that the first tickets will be available on the official ticket agency; They will be released at 10:00 CET. Tickets are available for all 9 shows and it is about one third of the total available tickets that will be released. Additional tickets will be available January 31 and later in April.


Source: DR

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