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ESC Reporter | November 23, 2017

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Semi-Final 2 qualifiers' press conference

Eric Nocito

Minutes after the qualifiers were announced at the conclusion of Semi-Final 2, the 10 delegations joined the press in the packed press conference room of the press center.

The hostess asked each country’s first reactions to qualifying and then began a quick Q&A session of two questions per country, one from its national media and one from international media.

Here are some reactions to each country’s qualification:

Farid Mammadov from Azerbaijan: Farid first performed a backflip at the hostess’ request before starting his Q&A.  Farid Mammadov:  “Before the semi-final, before the stage performance, I am thinking about nothing. Everything is positive now.  All I think about is the final. My main aim this year is  to give the best performance and be one of the best singers in Eurovision.  It would be great to bring Eurovision back to Baku.”

Krista Siegfrids from Finland:  “I was really happy.  I am so proud of my Ding Dong Girls.  We had so much fun onstage and she’s a really good kisser.” When asked if they could beat Lordi’s points: “We can beat Lordi. We got the pyro and the outfits. We look better than Lordi though.” When asked if her boyfriend proposed to her yet:  “I haven’t checked my phone yet, but if my boyfriend hasn’t proposed to me yet, I am going to have to marry some other guy or girl here.” When asked she wanted to marry anyone if the room:  “I was wondering if Farid wants to marry me.” Farid: “Maybe at last, you hold me.”

Gianluca from Malta:  “Onstage, it was simply an euphoric feeling. I enjoyed it so much with my team. I am so happy to be in the final.  We worked so much for it. We will just perform and give our best, whether its First or Second Half, it doesn’t matter.”

Eythor Ingi from Iceland:  “I was relaxed because I got great people around me:  the Swedish production team, my team, and the artists onstage.  I will just sing my song, and I hope you like it.”

Elias Kozas of Koza Mostra of Greece: “We don’t need to search for explanation on how we got to final.  All we care about is that we got to the final.”

Gor Sujyan of Dorians from Armenia:  “Actually, we are surprised.  Of course, we had expectations, but at last, we were not expecting and were surprised.  People miss honest music.  We managed to spread our message to the world, and now we have a second chance to do so.”

ByeAlex from Hungary:  “Life would be a mistake without music, like Friedrich Nietzsche said.  There’s something in my song that got through to people, even though my song was sung in Hungarian.”

Margaret Berger from Norway:  “I feel so grateful. I’m really, really happy to be in the final.  I feel like I can go back to Norway with my head up high.  I was not expecting it. I don’t take anything for granted.”

Nodi Tatishvili and Sophie Gelovani from Georgia:  “Today three Georgian soldiers died in Afghanistan.  For us, this song is important.”

Cezar from Romania:  “I think I’m already a winner because I am in the final.  All my sentiments and all my love I put in tonight, and I will again in the final. I cried a half an hour after I found out I won. Maybe I am too sensitive.  I dedicate this semi-final to my father.”

  • Azerbaijan – Second Half
  • Finland – First Half
  • Malta – First Half
  • Iceland – Second Half
  • Greece – Second Half (Elias Kozas of Koza Mostra was not present at the time of the draw.)
  • Armenia – First Half
  • Hungary – Second Half
  • Norway – Second Half
  • Georgia – Second Half
  • Romania – Second Half


Each country had the option to stay after the press conference for photos and interviews.  Eythor Ingi from Iceland, Farid Mammadov from Azerbaijan, Cezar from Romania, Krista Siegfrids from Finland, and Margaret Berger from Norway offered their time for the national and international media.



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