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ESC Reporter | January 20, 2018

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Semi-final allocation draw tomorrow!

Semi-final allocation draw tomorrow!
Iain Cameron

ORF, Austrian national broadcaster and organizer of Eurovision 2015, has announced that tomorrow will see the participating countries sorted into the two semi-finals!

Kati Bellowitsch and Andi Knoll will be presenting the event with Jon Ola Sand (Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest) and Thomas Niedermeyer (from Digame, the voting platform company) overseeing the process.

As there are an odd number of countries taking part this year, there will be 16 countries in the first semi-final (May 19) and 17 in the second semi-final (May 21). In addition to deciding which semi-final each country will compete in, they will also decide in which half of the semi-final they will sing. The exact running order will be decided and announced at a later date.

The host nation, Austria, and the Big Five (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) do not compete in the semi-finals but must be allocated a semi-final to air and vote in. This will also be done tomorrow and will be the first stage of the allocation process. Germany has already been allocated to air and vote in the second semi-final at the request of their nation broadcaster, ARD.

The nations present in each pot are based on previous voting patterns over the last 10 years; Digame has determined this. In this year’s draw, the pots will contain:


Pot 1

  • Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Switzerland, Serbia, Malta

Pot 2

  • Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Latvia

Pot 3

  • Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Israel, Russia, Armenia, Lithuania

Pot 4

  • Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, The Netherlands, San Marino

Pot 5

  • Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic



The Host City Insignia Exchange will also take place tomorrow at 12:00 CET, prior to the allocation draw. Sophie Hæstorp Andersen and Lars Weiss will represent Denmark with Michael Haüpl (Lord Mayor of Vienna) being presented with the Eurovision insignia. Jon Ola Sand and Alexander Wrabetz (General Director of ORF) will also make speeches.

The allocation draw can be watched here from 13:25 CET!


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