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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Simon Cowell interested in saving the United Kingdom

Simon Cowell interested in saving the United Kingdom
  • On May 31, 2015

The United Kingdom has used both internal selection and national finals to select their representatives for the Eurovision Song Contest, but the results have not been impressive.

Since 2000, the UK has only finished in the top ten twice and has ended up in the last place three times.


I think it’d be great fun

Now, following Electro Velvet’s 24th place in Vienna, the English record producer and X Factor/Got Talent judge Simon Cowell has expressed interest in developing the next British entry for Eurovision.

“One hundred per cent I’d love to take the reins for Eurovision. I have thought about it. The idea of taking it on for one year and trying to get someone to represent the UK, someone new – I’d love that. I don’t think there’d be too much to lose. I think it’d be great fun,” he said to The Mirror.


They didn’t stand a chance

Cowell also offered his view of why this year’s British attempt did not do well in Vienna, while praising the Swedish winner: “This year they really weren’t good, they didn’t stand a chance. The winner had a proper record, the staging was great.”


All about timing

Time will tell if British broadcaster BBC will look to Cowell to solve their Eurovision problems, but timing may be an issue. “It’d be great to get involved. I’d love to do it. The only problem is the timing – I wouldn’t want it to compete with Britain’s Got Talent.”


The preliminary dates for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 have been set for May 10, 12, and 14.

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