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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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Spain announces national selection to feature six candidates

Spain announces national selection to feature six candidates
Alvaro Sanabria

RTVE, the Spanish national broadcaster, has decided to select the Spanish entry for Stockholm through a national selection.

The TV-format has not been used since 2014, when Ruth Lorenzo was selected by televote and jury vote. The names of the six solo or group acts will be revealed in the next few days.


The selection process

RTVE has received many proposals over the last months by singers, managers, and record companies. The names of the candidates will not be revealed, however, until an agreement between the broadcaster and the candidates’ record labels will be closed.

Meanwhile, RTVE has launched the hashtag #euroapuesta (eurobet) asking the fans to suggest the names of the candidates for the national final.

However, many Spanish newspapers have started mentioning the names of some of the artists that they are expecting to be part of the national selection. According to the sources, RTVE is looking for a young pop act.


Rumored candidates

These are some of the names that is rumored they will make part of the national selection:

  1. Xuso Jones: Pop singer, former contestant of Your face sounds familiar Spain. According to ABC, Jones will participate with a song written by Peter Boström (co-writer of Euphoria) and Andreas Öhrn.
  2. Maria Isabel: Winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2004 with “Antes muerta que sencilla.”
  3. Maverick: Former contestant of The Voice Spain



Edurne represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, ending in 21st place.


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