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ESC Reporter | January 16, 2018

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Spain will also use "The Hit" to select entry

Spain will also use “The Hit” to select entry
Emma Kiernan

It is looking likely that two countries will be using the tv show “The Hit” to select their entry for 2015. We have previously reported that RTE are in talks to use the format to select the Irish entry. Now, there are reports from various Spanish websites that TVE will also be using the show in order to select the Spanish entry for Vienna.


Sources close to TVE have claimed that, although not confirmed, the rumours are more than likely true. reports that TVE has scheduled “The Hit” for release in Spain in early 2015, writing that, “TVE seems to have decided to trust in a musical format that hooks the audience and serve as a promotional platform for their candidate.”

“The Hit” will see established artists picking songs from established songwriters, in a bid to sell the most copies of the song. If this is indeed the format Spain is going for, the winner of the show will represent Spain at the 60th Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.


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