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ESC Reporter | December 17, 2017

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Spanish final for Eurovision details revealed

Spanish final for Eurovision details revealed
Alvaro Sanabria

It has been decided the running order of the six contestants of the Spanish national selection, “Objetivo Eurovisión”.  The draw to determine the running order took place during a press conference in which the six candidates were introduced.

The contestants will perform their songs in the national selection in this order:

  1. Maverick
  2. Barei
  3. Xuso Jones
  4. Salvador Beltrán
  5. María Isabel
  6. Electric Nana


Objetivo Eurovisión

The national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 will take place on February 1 and will be broadcast by TVE.

During the show, D’Nash (Spain 2007), Mirela, Coral, Brequette (contestant in the 2014 Spanish selection), and Jorge Gonzáles will perform a medley of previous Spanish entries.  Loreen, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, will also perform during the national selection.  Objetivo Eurovisión will also include videos with the music profiles of the six contestants and the public will participate on the show using the hashtag #ObjetivoEurovisión.


Jury vote overrepresented?

During the press conference it was also revealed how the voting process will work.  The acts will be judged by the audience and the jury vote.  However, the audience vote will only represent 40% of the final result.  The other 60% will consist in the expert jury vote (30%) and the other 30% from the international jury.

Loreen, Edurne (Spain 2015), and Carlos Marín (singer from Il Divo) will take part in the expert jury vote. The international jury will consist on different television and music professionals representing other Eurovision television broadcasters.

Some have considered that this voting distribution overrepresents the power of the juror.  Spanish newspaper ABC for instance wrote, “The televoting is diminished by the decision of the international juries.”

On the other hand, the Spanish head of the national delegation in Eurovision, Federico Llano said, “We want to make a better selection to have a contestant who has real options of winning the Eurovision Song Contest.”

Photo: RTVE/ Xuso Jones, María Isabel, Salvador Beltrán, Barei, Maverick, Electric Nana


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