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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Special project by Vogue will select Jamala's dress for Eurovision

Special project by Vogue will select Jamala’s dress for Eurovision
Eric Nocito

Jamala, along with Vogue UA, will have the final say in determining her dress to be worn onstage at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm for her song “1944.”

Nine designers are taking part in the selection. The designers participating are:  Ivan Frolov, Ksenia Shnaider, Jean Gritsfeldt, Svetlana Bevza, Marianna Senchina, Irina Dzhus, Yana Chervinska, Artem Klimchuk, and Teo Dekan.

“We are interested to cooperate with Jamala, as she is a nice, talented, and charismatic singer who actively supports Ukrainian designers, both experienced and young ones who are in the first stages of the fashion industry. Thanks to Jamala and her talent, not only will people from Ukraine, but also thousands of viewers across Europe will watch the Eurovision Song Contest and get to know our designers. The special project from Vogue UA and Jamala gives an excellent opportunity for the Ukrainian designers to go beyond their usual creations of season-line fashion collections and try their creativity in making a stage costume that requires additional professional knowledge and skills,” said Natalia Vasura, senior web editor of Vogue UA.


The prospective designs can be viewed at the Vogue UA website.

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