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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Stage construction starts on Eurovision Island

Stage construction starts on Eurovision Island
  • On February 23, 2014

DR, the national broadcaster of Denmark and host broadcaster of 2014, does not take over the massive B&W Halls on Eurovision Island until March. The project management company Host City Copenhagen is currently preparing them.

But, the stage is already starting to take shape.


The rear wall being moved in

It is the main wall behind the stage, apparently consisting of large, rectangular metal boxes, that is in the process of being moved into the venue, from a pre-construction area on the island. Søren Andresen, the technical project manager of DR, said to ”The rear wall consists of a skeleton of boxes in aluminium and iron. It is these that we are now moving into the venue.”

The stage is designed by experienced Danish stage designer Claus Zier, who is planning a center stage for the show. It is however only semi-center, as it will have a traditional back wall.


Early preparation

The preparation is very early, compared to the usual stage construction schedules. Last year, the materials for the stage in Malmö did not get moved into Malmö Arena until April 19, a month before the Grand Final.

Many things are in progress at the venue, such as removing the large pillars and installing new, large doors in the halls, which are planned to be completed by the end of this month. A month ago, the evening show Aftenshowet gave a look into progress.

Large grandstands need to be built inside the venue, along with setting up lights, sound, and the stage itself, of course. This is all being done in the most practical order, which could explain the early stage preparations.

No renderings of the stage have been released just yet.



Photos: Nicolai Thøgersen / DR

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