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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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Stars walk the Red Carpet in Copenhagen

Stars walk the Red Carpet in Copenhagen
Eric Nocito

In sunny Copenhagen, the area of Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square) was packed with fans, press, spectators, and passersby.

The entire square was transformed from the usual open square, to a makeshift red carpet, leading to the front doors of Rådhuset (City Hall).




At about 17:20, DGMP 2014 contestant and host of this year’s Eurovision Village, Bryan Rice, took the stage to provide a narrative of the awaited events. He introduced DJ Monsuun, who played Eurovision hits from the decades.

Before the start of the event, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, and Regional Council leader Sophie Hæstorp Andersen spoke to the crowd. Soon after, Eurovision 2000 winners, The Olsen Brothers, performed their winning song “Fly on the wings of love.”




Moments before 18:00, the audience was joined by the three hosts of the ceremony, Ulla Essendrop, Peter Falktoft, and Abdel Aziz Mahmoud on the red carpet.

Soon after, the first car arrived, containing Head of Show Jan Lagermand Lundme and Eurovision 2013 winner Emmelie de Forest. The duo was interviewed briefly by Mahmoud before heading to the photo pool and walking the carpet to greet fans and contribute with small interviews.




Ultimately, they entered Rådhuset, awaiting the artists and delegations. Executive Producer, Pernille Gaardbo, and Executive Supervisor, Jon Ola Sand, stood at either side of the front doors to greet the guests.

The first delegation to arrive was Sweden. The countries arrived in no particular order, which increased the mystery and excitement. All delegations were briefly interviewed by Abdel Aziz Mahmoud, before taking a “selfie” with him.


Memorable moments

From there, the delegation appeared at photo pools and then made their way down the red carpet, but there were some memorable moments:

-About halfway through, 2014 hosts Lise Rønne, Pilou Asbæk and Nikolaj Koppel, arrived on the red carpet.

-Sanna Nielsen was joined by 2013 Eurovision Head of Show and Swedish head of delegation, Christer Björkman.

-The Albanian contestant Hersi gave the audience a taste of her opera skills.

-The Russian entrant from 1995, Filipp Kirkorov, joined the Tolmachevy Sisters on the red carpet, having written this year’s Russian entry.

-Pollapönk from Iceland came out in their usual bright colors of the rainbow, only this time, they were clad in dresses!

-Host Abdel Aziz Mahmoud blatantly flirted with Mariya Yaremchuk, complimenting her many times on her beauty. The Ukrainian delegation were all dressed in black, wearing black ribbons in solidarity with the on going turmoil in their home country.

After all the delegations arrived, the hosts continued to talk to fans and guests, one being Jessica Mauboy, who will “represent” Australia in the second semi-final.

The red carpet ceremony lasted till about 20:30 CET.  From then, the artists and delegations were invited inside Rådhuset for the Opening Ceremony.  The accredited press and fans were invited to the Euroclub, where they were joined by some of the artists and delegations later for the official opening after party.







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