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ESC Reporter | January 18, 2018

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Stars walk the red carpet in Malmö

Eric Nocito

The area outside of the Malmö Opera came alive this evening.  Spectators, press, and fans surrounded the entrance to the Opera, hoping to grab a glimpse of the Eurovision stars walking the red carpet.

Moments before 18:30, the audience was joined by the two hosts of the ceremony, Pernilla Månsson Colt and Kodjo Akolor.

Soon after, the first car arrived, containing hostess Petra Mede, show producer Christer Björkman, and Eurovision 2012 winner Loreen.  The trio spent some time in front of the photo pool, before walking the carpet to greet fans and contribute with small interviews.  Ultimately, they entered the Opera, awaiting the artists and delegations.

The first delegation to arrive was Azerbaijan and went somewhat alphabetically from then on, until Italy concluded the arrivals.  Most delegations just appeared at photo pools and then made their way down the red carpet, but there were some memorable moments:

-Bulgaria entered with Elitsa and the dancer wearing headdresses, while Stoyan beat his famous drum.

-Krista Siegfrids from Finland arrived in her stage outfit, a wedding dress complete with veil.  After yelling, “Who wants to marry me?!,” she began to sing her entry live on the red carpet.

-Cascada almost gave the introducing hosts a heart attack, when she began walking the opposite direction from the red carpet.  “Cascada! You’re going the wrong way!,” they yelled.  It turns out that she just wanted to greet a group of fans on the fence near the edge of the photo pool.

-The Swedish artist, Robin Stjernberg, was hanging out the passenger window of his car as it arrived.  Upon stepping out, he ran along the entire fence as the spectators watched.

-Thomas G:son, co-writer of the Eurovision 2012 winning song “Euphoria,” joined Nodi & Sophie from Georgia on the red carpet.  Their entry “Waterfall” is also a composition of G:son.

-Zlata Ognevich, looking elegant as always, arrived waving the flag of Ukraine and singing along to her track playing in the background.  Soon, Igor Vovkovinskiy, the Ukrainian-American 7’8″ giant joined Zlata in the photo pool and continued by her side into the Opera.

-Anouk from the Netherlands was the only “no-show” of the night.  However, her backup singers represented her country on the red carpet.

The red carpet ceremony lasted till about 20:45 CET.  From then, the artists and delegations were invited inside the Malmö Opera for the Opening Ceremony.  The accredited press and fans were invited to the Euroclub, where they joined the artists and delegations for the official opening.

You can watch all artists arrive in the video above and check out our big gallery below.



Red Carpet Gallery

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