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ESC Reporter | January 21, 2018

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Status report from Eurovision Island

Status report from Eurovision Island
  • On January 21, 2014

Following the allocation draw ceremony at Copenhagen City Hall yesterday, the keys that were handed over by the city of Malmö were featured on the DR evening show, Aftenshowet.

The segment featured some talk about Eurovision, and then presented a tour of the current state of the B&W Halls on Refshaleøen, to be Eurovision Island, with the Head of Show, Jan Lagermand Lundme.


Ready in 106 days

Lundme warns not to be startled by the look of the venue, but promises it to be ready in 106 days for the first semi-final. Hopefully it will be ready for the rehearsals too.

The venue looks about the same as earlier, with the white netting removed as the only visible change. Workers are present on-site and in the process of cutting down the dividing wall between Hall 1 and 2.



The venue is not the responsibility of the host broadcaster DR, but the temporary company called Host City Copenhagen, created to handle everything that is not the live shows. DR simply waits for the venue to be handed over.

A worker is asked what he thinks about the halls becoming a Eurovision venue in just 106 days and answers: “It’s hard to imagine but it’ll work out, there’s a long way to go but I believe it.”



A rough arrival for the Eurovision baton

Fifteen minutes before the Eurovision segment, an interview was on-going when a loud bang could be heard in the studio, enough to make one of the guests turn his head and make a face.

Steffen Gram

If you watch the whole Eurovision segment, you can see that the Malmö butterfly has come off of the key chain, as it was the Eurovision key chain that was dropped to the floor. Ouch!



▶ Watch the whole segment on Aftenshowet

▶ Watch just the tour of Eurovision Island 

▶ Watch the Eurovision baton bang


Screengrabs: DR

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