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ESC Reporter | January 24, 2018

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Stockholm officially bids for Eurovision 2016 with Globen area

Stockholm officially bids for Eurovision 2016 with Globen area
  • On June 12, 2015

Malmö may be out of the Eurovision 2016 host city picture, but the Swedish capital Stockholm has now officially submitted its bid to national broadcaster SVT, on the last day for submissions.

Sweden’s second largest city Göteborg has also submitted their proposal for consideration.


Globen area

Stockholm is presenting the area home to Globen Arena and Tele2 Arena as the site to host Eurovision 2016, but has not revealed with which arena. This choice would likely be up to SVT, who have been rumored to have had the Tele2 Arena as preferred choice all along. While the arena was reported to be unavailable at first, local soccer teams have expressed willingness to vacate to accommodate the Eurovision schedule.

The area is also home to a few smaller venues, likely suitable for a press center, and a mall. The small suburb of Solna, home to the Friends Arena, also supports the Globen area bid, ruling itself out.

“Stockholm is music. Eurovision is an amazing event which gives us the possibility to underline our position as one of the world’s most creative cities,” said Karin Wanngård, Finance Commissioner of Stockholm, to


Göteborg submits Scandinavium

The Stockholm bid was not the only bid submitted today. The city of Göteborg also sent in their proposal to SVT, with Scandinavium as the main arena. A proposal to build a roof over the very large Ullevi Stadium was considered, and supported by local millionaries, but the city had to dump the idea due to time and budget worries.

The head of press for Göteborg & Co, Stefan Gadd, is not keen on letting out any details, but states that a Eurovision in Göteborg would be felt in the entire city, not just at the arena, as an advantage over rival Stockholm.



Another less likely candidate for Eurovision 2016 host city has possibly entered the race today. The northern town of Örnsköldsvik 500 kilometers north of Stockholm has been contacted by SVT, asking if they are interested in submitting a bid. The city is now looking into the possibility. The town has previously hosted Melodifestivalen semi-finals in 2007, 2010, and 2013, and while the city is honored and interested, they have a lot to work out.


Exact amount of cities secret

The exact amount of cities that have submitted bids is being kept secret, but Linköping has made it public that they are bidding with their Saab Arena, and the towns Gävle and Sandviken are jointly bidding with the Göransson Arena.

With the received bids, SVT can now start listing pros and cons for where to ultimately host the 61st Eurovision Song Contest. While the decision may be made within weeks, an announcement is expected no later than at the end of August.


Photo: Tele2 Arena

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