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ESC Reporter | December 18, 2017

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Summing up: Day 3 of rehearsals

Summing up: Day 3 of rehearsals
Eric Nocito

Today was the third and final day of the first rehearsals of the semi-finalists.

The 10 countries, beginning with Austria and concluding with Romania, rehearsed at least three times each in their 30 minutes provided. Many opted for a fourth try, and some managed a fifth.


Overall, every artist performed well with vocals, while others lacked somewhat in other aspects of the presentation.

The full description, from the technical to the vocals to the lighting, can be re-read at the live blog.


Click here to check it out!


About an hour after each country’s rehearsal, the respective country participated in a Press Meet & Greet session with Ulla Essendrop in the Press Conference area.

Tijana Dapčević corrected host Abdel Aziz Mahmoud, with the proper name of her country being simply “Macedonia,” in contrast to the “F.Y.R. Macedonia” used by the EBU. This was met with applause from the press audience.

Tinkara Kovač serenaded the audience with a Slovenian lullaby, and after stated that she likes to be dirty with her flute (which she soon realized as being a suggestive statement).


 Gallery from today’s conferences


Some artists also chose to check out the lounge area of the Press center, meeting with press for interviews and Q&A sessions. Firelight from Malta, Softengine from Finland, Tijana from Macedonia, and Teo from Belarus were among the ones who participated.

Passing through were the Tolmachevy Sisters, who came to the outdoor lounge area in the courtyard on their day off to film a promotional video for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.




Tomorrow, due to the recognition of International Workers’ Day, there will be no rehearsals or press conferences. Join us on Friday, May 2, when the semi-finalists from Semi-Final 1 will experience their second rehearsals, followed by their press conferences.

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