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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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SVT officially presents the 2016 Eurovision stage!

SVT officially presents the 2016 Eurovision stage!
  • On April 25, 2016

With the stage design phase beginning back in August, and the first pieces of equipment being loaded into Globen three weeks ago, the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest stage is finally ready.

Now, the stage has been presented!



Rock’n’nRoll meets Eurovision

The lighting designer Fredrik Jönsson commented on the look of this year’s stage:

“We have a very defined stage design with sharp edges, strong perspective, and a big LED-background in different, geometric shapes. No matter what lighting rig I compliment the stage with, it has to be just as strong and give the same expression for the show, thus the the inspiration comes from the big lighting rigs of rock show from the 90’s. Rock’n’Roll meets Eurovision.”


Equipment has caused Globen to sink!

SVT has also released the impressive technical facts of the stage, which requires 220 staff members to complete a show.

  • 143 meters of cables
  • 14 follow spot operators
  • 45 lighting operators
  • 900 square meters of LED
  • 12 HDQ 40 projectors, the world’s largest projectors
  • 37 video operators
  • 134 speakers
  • 64 microphones
  • 7 sound desks
  • 32 sound operators
  • 30 fire effects
  • 30 pyro firing positions, 24 of them built into the stage
  • 6 smoke machines
  • 109 tons of rigging in the ceiling
  • 350 points of rigging
  • 1397 meters of truss
  • 10 power generators
  • 15 kilometers of power cables
  • Stage weight: 65 tons
  • Stage height: 15,5 meters
  • Stage width: 50 meters
  • Stage depth: 32 meters
  • 220 square meters of stage floor
  • 2000 square meters of glossy surfaces
  • 5397 parts in the back wall
  • 40 people to get stage ready between songs


In all, the many tons of equipment has caused the Eurovision venue Globen to actually sink. The big sphere is now 3,5 centimeters deeper into the ground.


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