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ESC Reporter | January 19, 2018

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Interview with Sympho-Nick from Ukraine!

Sympho-Nick interview: “Ukraine will become prosperous again”
Eric Nocito

The girl-group Sympho-Nick, consisting of Sofiia, Amaliia, and Marta, will represent Ukraine at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta this month.

The girls gave a look into their hopes and dreams, not just for themselves, but also for their country.


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How did you start singing together? When and how did each member begin singing?

Marta: It was my dream from my childhood to represent Ukraine at Junior Eurovision Song Contest. “Music Academy of Eurovision” was the first step for my dream to come true. That’s why I decided to take part in this project since according to the rules of it the winner got the chance to be among 20 finalists of the national selection for JESC. I haven’t met the girls before the project but I heard much about their music activity. We became best friends on this project. So, when we were announced the winners the idea of forming a trio appeared at once. When I was a little one, I wanted to play the piano because I was always interested in music. So, I started attending music school, where I’ve learnt to play the piano and continue learning music theory. My parents always supported me and later on I started to attend vocal classes since I was longing for it most of all.

Sofiia: We participated in the second season of the TV project “Music Academy of Eurovision” at the end of the previous year. As a result of jury’s voting and the internet voting, we became the winners. According to the rules of this project, the winners were given the chance to take part in the national final for JESC. “Music Academy of Eurovision” helped us to get to know each other better and we became good friends. We decided not to compete against each other in the national final and we formed a trio. When I started to play the piano, together with my teacher we prepared mini-concerts for my relatives where I not only played a music piece but also sang with great pleasure. I started to attend vocal classes when I was 8 just after my victory at the school contest “Hello, we are looking for the talents” where I sang a song “Osinnii bal” (Autumn ball).

Amaliia: We teamed up in a trio after the project “Music Academy of Eurovision.” It turned out that we three became the winners of it and each of us got the chance to take part in the national final for JESC. We became good friends on this project and we couldn’t compete against each other. So, the decision was made to unite in a trio. I started to sing since I was 7 when I became a winner of the contest “Mini Miss of Ukraine-2008”.



“Our song is about the strong belief that all the difficulties in our country will go by soon”



Your song is called “Pryyde Vesna,” or “Spring Will Come” in English. What is it about?

Marta: The main message of the song is that when spring comes everything awakens and starts blooming. The same happens in our beautiful country Ukraine that is experiencing difficult time but everything will become better soon. We are children, the future of the country and we will do our best to make our country free, independent and blooming. We would like to show Europe a part of sincere Ukrainian soul.

Sofiia: Our song is about spring. In the country where we live, spring is connected with awaking of nature when green leaves appear on the trees, when new green grass comes up, first flowers start blooming and birds start singing. It is a fabulous season. Our song is about the strong belief that all the difficulties in our country will go by soon and Ukraine will become prosperous again.

Amaliia: Our song is about wonderful country where every person is talented and no matter how old you are you can create a miracle with your own hands.


sympho-nick group


How did you feel when you won the Ukrainian national final?

Marta: We were overwhelmed with emotions, we were happy that we would represent Ukraine at JESC-2014. We worked hard and of course deep inside we wanted to win. And now we feel a huge responsibility since we would like to represent our country on the best way.

Sofiia: We were anxious when we were waiting for the results. When the winner was announced we were so happy that were about to cry, we wanted to jump since we were full of emotions. We three embraced, we wanted to kiss and hug everybody around, our parents and the whole team. We were grateful to all the viewers that voted for us.

Amaliia: It was an unforgettable feeling, it’s difficult to express in words, one should feel it to understand better.



“Our performance will look
fairy, mysterious and tender”



Will you change anything in your performance for Malta?

Marta: Stage performance will be improved but we won’t unveil all the secrets.

Sofiia: We worked with the girls under the supervision of choreographers improving our stage performance. But there won’t be any substantial changes. Well, the viewers will see soon in Malta what the performance will look.

Amaliia: There will be some small changes compared with the national final. And in general our performance will look fairy, mysterious and tender.



sympho-nick group 2


Will this be your first trip to Malta? Are you looking forward to it?

Marta: Yes, it will be our first trip to Malta. We expect to meet a lot of new people, get new experience and positive emotions and of course we would like to win. It is a good start in the career of a young artist. We would like to represent our country on the best possible way. And let the best artist win!

Sofiia: Yes, it will be a first trip to Malta for me. I like traveling and discover new places with great pleasure. I expect unforgettable emotions connected with my participation on the contest, meeting new people and of course I’d like our trio to deliver a successful performance.

Amaliia: Yes, for me it will my first trip to Malta. The main thing for me is to perform on the best possible way and of course, I’d like to meet new people, make friends and gain new experience.


Have you watched Junior or adult Eurovision before? Do you have any favorite songs?

Marta: Yes, sure, I watch the contests every year. Concerning my favourite songs, I have a lot of them and in particular “Gravity” by Zlata Ognevich. I like the songs of Sofiia Tarasova, Anastasiya Petryk and Gaia Kauchi.

Sofiia: Yes, every year I watch the adult and Junior Eurovision Song Contest on TV. They are very beautiful and fabulous music show. I like the performance of Emmelie de Forest (“Only Teardrops”) and the songs of Zlata Ognevich (Gravity). I liked the performance of Sofiia Tarasova and of course her song. I can’t single out what song I like most of all, because there are a lot of beautiful and talented artists.

Amaliia: Of course, I watch the contest every year, both adult and junior. I like a lot of songs and artists.



“We are trying our best to perform on stage in the best way in Malta”



Do you want to keep performing together in the future? What are your plans for singing?

Marta: I plan to combine a career of a solo artist with the career in a trio. It’s difficult to say right now how it will develop. We’ll see. I am also planning to record new songs and continue my music activity as there are a lot of interesting ahead.

Sofiia: We are trying our best to perform on stage in the best way in Malta. In future I’d like to become a famous artist.

Amaliia: Of course, I will continue my music career as a solo artist and maybe we will work as a trio as well. But I’d like to connect my life with music and vocal activity.


Do you think that you will ever want to go to adult Eurovision in the future, as a group or individuals?

Marta: I like to watch Eurovision Song Contest and of course in future I’d like to represent my country on the adult Eurovision.

Sofiia: Yes, sure, I am dreaming of representing my country on Eurovision Song Contest.

Amaliia: Yes, sure, I’d love to represent my country at Eurovision Song Contest!

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