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ESC Reporter | February 22, 2018

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4 finalists to compete in Greece

February 11, 2014 | 1

According to OGAE Greece, four names have been confirmed to take part in a Greek national final.

With Greece still being in the process of establishing a new national broadcaster, the show is to be produced by MAD TV, with … Read More

How will the Semi-Final draw affect voting?

January 21, 2014 | 1

After the Semi-Final Allocation Draw live from Copenhagen City Hall concluded, some countries were happy with their placing, while others started to get a little anxious.

The draw proved surprising, since many countries reliant on neighbor or bloc voting, are … Read More

Report from the Insignia Exchange and Allocation Draw ceremony

January 20, 2014 | 3

Gallery below.

The very first official event of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 took place today, at the Copenhagen City Hall.

The ceremony consisted of the Insignia Exchange and the allocation draw.



Copenhagen officially becomes Eurovision host city

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Semi-final allocation draw result!

January 20, 2014 | 53


The countries have been split!

After today’s semi-final allocation draw at Copenhagen City Hall, we now know in which semi-final, and in which half, the countries will perform.



Spain, France, and Denmark were chosen to … Read More

LIVE REPORT: Insignia exchange and allocation draw ceremony

January 20, 2014 | 3

Refreshing this page is not needed, updates are automatic.

  • Welcome to our live blog of the 2014 Insignia Exchange and Semi-Final allocation draw ceremony, live from Copenhagen City Hall!
  • What is it all about? Click here to read more … Read More

Join us at the insignia exchange and allocation draw ceremony!

January 19, 2014 | 1

The 2014 Eurovision year in Copenhagen officially kicks off tomorrow, when the Insignia Exchange Ceremony takes place at Copenhagen City Hall.

The ceremony will include both the insignia exchange, when Malmö officially hands over the Eurovision city title, and the … Read More

Eurovision 2014 application deadline passes – 37 in, 4 withdraw

November 23, 2013 |

With the deadline for applications for Eurovision Song Contest 2014 having passed yesterday, we have a clearer picture of who will compete for victory in Copenhagen in May. The following countries let their plans be known before the deadline:


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Semi-Final 2 qualifiers’ press conference

May 17, 2013 |

Minutes after the qualifiers were announced at the conclusion of Semi-Final 2, the 10 delegations joined the press in the packed press conference room of the press center.

The hostess asked each country’s first reactions to qualifying and then began … Read More

The last 10 finalists are known!

May 16, 2013 |

After another show of music, dancing, and fireworks, the announcement of the final 10 qualifiers for the Grand Final on Saturday were announced:

(in order of announcement)

  • Hungary
  • Azerbaijan
  • Georgia
  • Romania
  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Armenia
  • Finland
  • Malta
  • Greece

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Stars walk the red carpet in Malmö

May 12, 2013 |

The area outside of the Malmö Opera came alive this evening.  Spectators, press, and fans surrounded the entrance to the Opera, hoping to grab a glimpse of the Eurovision stars walking the red carpet.

Moments before 18:30, the audience was … Read More

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