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ESC Reporter | January 22, 2018

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Televoting will decide Eurovision entry in Belarus

Televoting will decide Eurovision entry in Belarus
Alvaro Sanabria


The selection process has changed in Belarus.  The Belarusian broadcaster has decided that only the televoting will decide who is going to represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.

To illustrate the impact of this decision, having this rule been applied this year, Belarus would had not been represented by Uzari & Maimuna.  Uzari & Maimuna finished third in the televoting of the Belarusian selection while Muzzart came in first place with the song “Only Dance” but only got 30 points from the juror ending in seventh place:



According to the new rules, a jury will only be involved during the pre-selection round while the televoters can decide their representative by sms or telephone calls during the national final.

The pre-selection process will start on the 23rd of October.  Candidates can send their applications to BTRC.

Moreover, the chairman of BTRC Gennady Davydko announced the broadcaster’s intention to send an entry sung in Belarusian.  Nevertheless, BTRC will accept songs in other languages for the selection process.


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