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ESC Reporter | January 17, 2018

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The 2014 jury members revealed!

The 2014 jury members revealed!

| On 01, May 2014

With only five days until the broadcast of the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, the names of the 185 jurors from each country have been announced. This was done to improve the transparency of the votes of the contest.

From each of the 37 participating countries, there are five jurors, with one who serves as a chairperson. The jurors must all be professionals in the music industry and┬ácannot be tied to any of this year’s entries. Also, they cannot be a previous juror or national finalist from the last two years and must be citizen of the country that they are representing.

Since 2009, the votes for Eurovision have been a combination of 50% jury votes and 50% votes from the televote of the television audience. This continues indefinitely, essentially giving the 185 jurors the same voting power as 170 million people.

The juries will judge each entry based on four categories:  vocal ability, onstage performance, quality and originality of song, and total impression of the song and performance.

Also, there is a balance between age, gender, etc. with the selection of the jurors, which is probably why Oscar Zia (Melodifestivalen 2014) is serving on the Swedish jury.


Of this year’s jury, there are some past Eurovision participants:

  • Inga & Anush (Armenia 2009)
  • Nigar “Nikki” Jamal (Azerbaijan 2011)
  • Lise Cabble (songwriter of Denmark 2013)
  • Stefan Filipovic (Montenegro 2008)
  • Iris (Belgium 2012)
  • Nelly Ciobanu (Moldova 2009)
  • Magdalena Tul (Poland 2011)
  • Ivan Broggini (Switzerland 2012)


The full list of jurors can be found here.



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