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ESC Reporter | January 16, 2018

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The Common Linnets will represent The Netherlands!

The Common Linnets will represent The Netherlands!
  • On November 25, 2013

The fifth act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 has been revealed: The Common Linnets will fly the flag for The Netherlands in Copenhagen, AVROSTROS announced today.

It was rumored that the successful Dutch singer Ilse DeLange would write a song for the newer Dutch talent Waylon, but it turns out that they have joined forces to become the group The Common Linnets. Those interested in birds will know that the Common Linnet is a small bird with a long tail.


Six #1s

Ilse DeLange, born in 1977, has been performing for over 20 years, mainly doing pop and country music. Her first true breakthrough came in 1998 with the album “World of Hurt,” recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, which sold 450,000 copies in The Netherlands, winning several awards. She has a total of six number-one studio albums in her home country, while also enjoying moderate success in neighboring Belgium.


Newcomer turned rising star

Waylon rose to fame after he appeared on “Holland’s Got Talent” in 2008, going on to have the top-5 hit, “Wicked Ways” in 2009. Willem Bijkerk being his real name, Waylon chose his current alias after his idol, Waylon Jennings.

“I am honored to be embarking on this adventure with Ilse, who I have known for so long. The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the biggest events in the world and to stand there on its stage has always secretly been a dream of mine,” said Waylon.


Song revealed in March 

As for their song, we will have to wait until the beginning of March for the reveal. An album will follow and the two have already traveled to Nashville for preparations. It looks as if we are guaranteed a country music entry from The Netherlands in 2014.


Stay tuned for more details!

Photo courtesy: Michel Mölder 

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