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ESC Reporter | January 16, 2018

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The Eurovision stage is complete: An insane amount of water!

The Eurovision stage is complete: An insane amount of water!
  • On April 10, 2014

There is just one month until the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 and today, with the first technical tests starting, the stage has been officially completed.

Continuing tomorrow, the stage, lighting, LED-screen, communication, and much more will be stress tested to make sure everything is under control.


Never before seen – one large waterfall

In a video posted from the stage by the 2014 Head of Show, Jan Lagermand Lunde, more details are revealed. Jan promises that what the stage is able to do has never before been seen anywhere. “There is an insane amount of water on the stage, the entire stage is in fact one large waterfall,” he says in the video. “You should be really excited to see this stage, it’s truly amazing.”

The Head of Show also confirms that two runways extend from either side of the diamond shaped stage, leading to the green room which can be seen in the background.


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Originating from the shipyard

The stage designer, Claus Zier, is also very pleased and excited about the result of his work. “You can now see how spacious it is, how it all moves, and the layers. I’m really happy, overjoyed,” he said to

“The viewers should expect to come to a shipyard where shipbuilding has taken place, with a large stage construction originating from exactly that. It’s a steel construction with a lot of lights: A big entertainment machine. It’s going to be a huge party!”


Crashing on purpose

The Head of Production, Kamilla Monies, is making sure all scenarious are being tested. “Normally you have one test day, but we have chosen to do two because we have so many things to go through,” she said to

“Once everything is running normally, we will be creating some breakdowns on purpose to test emergency procedures and know how to act if for example the communication with the OB van breaks down or there’s a breakdown in other technical areas.”

The team has already come across a challenge, as the floor has not been leveled out as well as what was intended, requiring the green room, placed on the arena floor, to be raised in the sides.



The first rehearsals on Eurovision Island start April 28 at 10:00 CET.

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